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Monday, February 11, 2008

A 2008 Campaign Quiz

In this week's New Yorker magazine, Paul Slansky published a quiz about the 2007-08 presidential campaign. Here is the most remarkable question. See how you do... I'll post the answer in a few days.

Of the ten statements listed below, half refer to Mike Huckabee, the other five are attributed to ex-candidate Rudy Giuliani. Can you match the candidate to the statement?

  1. He said of's 'General Betray Us' ad, "It passed a line that we should not allow American political organizations to pass".
  2. Asked about financial disclosures, he said, "I'm not doing more than what is absolutely required."
  3. He asked, 'Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the Devil are brothers?"
  4. He said, "Most of our prisoners would love to be in a facility more like Guantanamo."
  5. He scoffed at the notion that sleep deprivation is torture, saying, "On that theory, I'm getting tortured running for President of the United States. That's plain silly."
  6. He turned up on Outdoor Life's list of the twenty-five most influential people in hunting and fishing.
  7. He assured a New Hampshire child who asked about the possibility of an intergalactic attack that "we'll be prepared for that."
  8. Ten years ago, his son was allegedly involved in the hanging of a dog while at Boy Scout camp.
  9. A conservative group ran an ad saying that he understands that 'all the average guy with a Confederate flag on his pickup truck is saying is he's proud to be a Southerner."
  10. It was written of him, "[His] Nixonian soul comes bearing the face of a particularly cruel Renaissance cardinal."

And in case you're thinking, oh, more hate speech from the liberal media, the same quiz has a true or false question:

An hour after attacking Barack Obama's voting record on "Meet the Press", Hillary Clinton appeared at a black church and declared herself to be "so proud" of him.

For the record... the correct answer is 'true'.

Answers re: Rudy and Huck: #1, 2, 5, 7 and 10 are Rudy. The others are the Huckster.


lloydletta said...

Asking whether mormons believe Jesus and Satan were brothers is something the Huckster said.