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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Andy Applikowski: PI

Andy Applikowski - a Senate Republican Chair decided to spy on speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and two Republicans having dinner at the Monte Carlo.

I followed at tip this evening down to Monte Carlo in downtown Minneapolis. I was told that Republican Reps. Bud Heidgerken (R) 13A & Dean Urdahl (R) 18B had dinner date with Democrat Speaker of the House Margaret Kelliher. I had earlier hinted at some detective work for the evening over at True North and low and behold, my source was correct. There was a 3rd man who was there who I think I recognized as a possible legislator, but I am not sure, it could have been an aid, although he arrived between Urdahl & Heidgerken and when Kelliher got there.

Dinner at 7:30PM ….. well truth be told, Kelliher was a little behind time and arrived at 7:44, the boys were early.

MN Publius comments:

So basically, he sat and watched them eat? This is more than a little creepy.

I've always thought Applikowski would make an excellent character in a novel. Not only did he watch them eat dinner, he blew $100.00 on dinner for himself and his girlfriend:

Monte Carlo is a rather fancy establishment and the meeting was in one of the private rooms in the rear of the restaurant out of sight. My girlfriend came along on the outing. We had a meal and desert. Our tab with tip was just over $100 with 2 drinks per. No doubt the combined per diems for Bud, Dean, and Maggie were more than enough to cover their cost.

Did he tip the wait staff? What about Kelliher?


Markh said...

Perhaps the Jason Lewis show reimbursed AAA for the cost of a night on the town.

Jason reported the shocking news of a bi-partisan restaurant meal, but didn't name the source.

libertycat said...

What is wrong with politicians showing some civility to each other.

President Reagan and Speaker O'Neal would go out for drinks at the end of the day.. I think McCain get's it as does Norm Coleman.