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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bill Cunningham Goes on Hannity and Combs and Condemns McCain

Video here.

Transcript here:

COLMES: I think John McCain handled it with dignity and class. He said the right thing. How does it feel...

CUNNINGHAM: No, he didn't.

COLMES: ... for you to get repudiated by your Republican candidate?

CUNNINGHAM: I'm going to follow the lead of Ann Coulter. I've had it with John McCain. I'm going to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton for president, because she would do a better job in the Oval Office, I think, than the liberal John McCain. I'm done with him.

COLMES: Your reaction actually — your actions actually caused John McCain to apologize to Barack Obama for what you said. You put your candidate in that position.

CUNNINGHAM: I did not. He's not my candidate. He is not a conservative. I'm a conservative Reagan Republican, and John McCain embarrassed himself. The local Republican Party, Alan Colmes, has received dozens — dozens of calls complaining about John Juan Pablo McCain. They're getting complaint calls.