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Monday, February 25, 2008

Blogs on the Transportation Bill

MN Publius:

1:27pm - Jim Abeler, one of the swing GOP votes, just announced that he is voting to override. Last year, Abeler voted to sustain. Abeler slammed radio talk host Jason Lewis for not telling his listeners “the whole story” on the transportation bill. More Abeler: “Jason, Phil [Krinkie], do you remember that a bridge fell down?”

Jason Lewis was ranting about this today. He was also ranting about Ron Erhardt's "potty mouth." I assume he was discussing this.

Rep. Ron Erhardt, in responding to a caller asking him to uphold the Governor's veto on the transportation bill and all of the taxes it contains and to not support the Democrat override attempt responded with anger and profanity, telling the caller to "tell the people who told you to call to go 'F***' themselves."


The call was made by Tom Winterer of Chanhassen to Erhardt's Edina home this morning. Winterer is new to grassroots politics, and just joined the Carver County Republicans at the Feb. 5 precinct caucuses. He is a delegate to the Carver County Convention March 1 at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

In the call, Erhardt asked Winterer why he was calling, since he was not a constituent or Edina resident.

"I'm calling because I'm going to be taxed under your veto override," Winterer said. "He told me I didn't know what I was talking about. I told him there are vast sums of money that are not being directed properly."

Erhardt responded, "Tell the people who told you to call to go "F***' themselves and that they are full of 'S***'."

Well at least he didn't say this on the house floor. Maybe Jason Lewis was referring to this:

This is the same errogant [sic] little man that blew up a condom in a public forum with counties describing how the budget works if you push down on one area another area pops out. He also stated that we have a Congresswoman who is trying to get laid by the president--referring to Bachmann after the grip last year. He needs to be ousted. He makes the GOP look bad. Family values--sure doesn't look like the GOP cares about that if they let him continue to use abusive language and make horrible remarks in public about other office holders.

Michael Brodkorb posts a memo to party activists by Ron Carey.

I personally highlighted the threat the DFL transportation bill presents to 2,000 Republicans gathered at BPOU conventions in CD 1, 3, and 6. In my home Senate District 49 convention, I spoke in favor of postponing endorsement of Rep. Tingelstad until a later date in light of her vote in favor of the massive tax increase. The delegates in HD 49B did decide to withhold endorsement at this time.