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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frantic Fundraising from Norm's Campaign

I had a 6 pm call from Senator Coleman's Senate campaign, asking for a specific, generous donation.

Because it's late winter and I'm sometimes bored, my new response to unwelcome telemarketing calls is to not interrupt or hang up, but to let the caller finish their spiel. I find this especially gratifying with a political call, because the more time I can waste by keeping the caller engaged, the less time they have to work more names on their list.

I know this year's Senate race is 'important' to the overall headcount in the World's Most Exclusive Club, but I really think Minnesota is facing a weak menu of options in the general election. I could potentially not vote for any Senate candidate...... we'll see.

Anyway, when the caller finally asked for a specific dollar amount and took a breath, I let him know that I didn't plan to vote for the Senator, much less donate money. This wasn't enough to end the call...... I heard a few more tired talking points, after which the caller asked for a lesser amount. Now I was fascinated, given that I had said I wasn't even going to vote for Norm, and the requests for cash weren't stopping.

I was asked about my party affiliation (I no longer claim any), and I was asked who I was supporting, and I have no answer to that question. I think this whole conversation killed almost 4 minutes.

Mission accomplished... I would have been okay with talking even longer.


lloydletta said...

That's idiotic. They aren't listening. It reminds me of a recent call from the Strib.