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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Good Riddance

The chief author of the stick-it-to-the Hennepin County Taxpayer Stadium Boondoggle, Brad Finstad is retiring. Finstad was known for the twins stadium bill and also for grandstanding with anti-immigrant rhetoric. He will be missed by the Dare2sayits of the world.


Minnesota Central said...

Finstad leaving opens a tiny opening for the DFL … in the past, it seemed that they played “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe … who wants to be the sacrificial lamb against Brad Finstad in 21B.” Mankato has been the dividing line …. East is competitive … West is Republican. Good luck to the DFL, we independents have been crying for some competition.

Markh said...

I'm going to ask Hennepin county legislators to zero out any provisions in the bonding bill that might benefit Finstad's district.

We'd all be better off if that arrogant twit had stayed home and bounced his kids on his knee vs. helping keep Hennepin County's hand in my pocket for the rest of my life.