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Monday, February 25, 2008

I'd rather pay higher taxes...

... than drive around on our under-sized, undermaintained roads and bridges for another 20 years. A few cents more per gallon is preferable to constant repairs to tires and suspension systems.

Unlike sports stadiums, providing safe, well-maintained roads and bridges IS a basic function of government. The Minnesota system has been underfunded for years.

And as for the ever-shrinking, ever more irrelevant Minnesota Republican party... by all means- punish the 6 House members and 2 Senators who weren't loyal to the family. Spend all of your time, money and energy beating up on your own.

Leave the rest of us alone.


jcb said...

im a liberal dem and ill admit id have problems voting for the trans. bill 4 the following reasons:

1. the last thing we need to be doing is increasing gas prices even more.

2. sales taxes are regressive-as are tabs fees & gas taxes. sales taxes always seem to be the goto tax 2 increase, too.

i wouldve preferred an windfall profits tax on oil corps. doing biz in MN. give some of the $$$ back to motorists in the form of rebate checks, but the majority to transportation-transit, new roads, maintaining existing rds & bridges.

if & when gas prices ever go down then we can raise the gas tax. before gas prices got so out of hand i definitely wouldve supported an increase & indexing to inflation-but now w/ the prices so high & economy headed towards recession i just think we need to look at other ways. that said we DEFINITELY have to invest in the transportation infrastructure of MN