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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jason Lewis on the Meeting Between Bud Heidegerken and Dean Urdahl

You can listen here.

Drew Emmer comments:

Whoever said a little pressure didn't help keep the team in line? The threat was real. Kathy Tinglestad, Ron Erhardt and Neil Peterson were solidly in favor of overiding a veto of the transportation* bill (*a misnomer, it's primarily a transit bill). Rod Hamilton, a usually solid conservative, was being tempted by dem promises on his Highway 60. Bud and Dean were in the dems crosshairs. In our tiny minority the threat of irrelevance began to chew on the minds of legislators longing for meaning in their public service. The overide is toast in the senate. The Governor's veto was clearly in danger.

Coverage of Speaker Kelliher's Monte Carlo dinner date with Bud Heidegerken and Dean Urdahl helped solidify the middling republicans commitment to uphold the Governor's veto of the transit bill. Either one of those defections would have left the Governor vulnerable to overide (assuming Margaret could unify all the democrats).