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Monday, February 18, 2008

Look True North Blogger, Andy Aplikowski Goes After Moderate Republican Legislators for Daring to Think for Themselves

Andy Applikowski posted another of his rants.

Look True North:

If we truly do have the transportation crisis the DFL is claiming, they shouldn't play politics with solving it. We shouldn't be forced to pay for their years of mistakes and neglect of our highway system. Please call and email all of these Republicans and tell them to vote to sustain the veto and not to give into the liberal tax and spend Democrats.

I have more info that I will hopefully be able to post tomorrow. I have some detective work to do, but if it pans out, there will be heck to pay for some wayward Republicans. Given that BPOU endorsement conventions start this weekend I believe the conservative base of the Republican Party needs to know just who Republican Legislators are siding with at the Capital.

I'd strongly urge all Delegates and Alternates to have their Legislative candidates and officials sign the Veto Protection Pledge from the Taxpayer's League before they face endorsement!

Please stay tuned to True North, but get on the horn in the mean time.

I was most disappointed to hear that Ray Cox had promised to sustain any of Governor Pawlenty's vetoes when he ran for the Senate. I thought this was irresponsible. Candidates for office should think for themselves.

From an email to Andy:

I believe each refuses to sign the veto pledge.
- Neil Peterson
- Pat Garafalo
- Larry Howes
- Mike Beard
- Dennis Ozment C

Kudos to these Republicans for refusing to be intimidated.