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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Norm Coleman DU Thread

Pretty funny.

I thought prostitution was illegal in Minnesota, but I guess not if it comes in the form of a political solicitation from Norm Coleman. In this fund-raising letter sent out last year, Norm whores himself out for $10,000 PAC contributions or $4,200 per individual contribution, offering trips to the Napa Valley, the Twin Cities (and a tour of Xcel Energy!) or Brainerd (Brainerd?) to the fattest of his fat-cat contributors:

Actually, the letter doesn't even say that Norm will be present for these events. But it also guarantees the donor's attendance at five D.C. events "honoring Senator Coleman" and one private event with up to five guests.

The letter was faxed to Washington lobbyists, PACs and trade associations.

Nice to know you can still buy access to your U.S. Senator--and he'll put it in writing. Maybe Norm should have his Hollywood wife do the soliciting