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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rod Grams Possibly Challenging Norm Coleman is on the Hill

The Hill. This story reused the same quotes obtained by the Pioneer Press. The story also was posted on MPR's Polinaut.

Kudos to Checks and Balances for breaking this story (registration required).

Is Coleman Up for a Challenge?

We are hearing rumors of a possible Republican Party challenge to U.S. Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) by former U.S. Senator Rod Grams (R). Currently, discussions are underway about creating this reality due to Coleman’s lack of commitment to the conservative Republican agenda. Republicans are criticizing Coleman for the same reasons as Democrats are, being his willingness to stand on multiple sides of the same issue depending on which direction the prevailing winds blow from.


The stress of this election appears to be wearing on Coleman because he is looking tired and fairly gaunt. His normal vital, robust physical presence is not currently in evidence. People are commenting regularly questioning his current state of health.

If Grams challenge occurs now it is in time before the first Basic Political Organizational Unit (BPOU) convention in which determines the delegates going forward to the Republican Party State Convention. The first BPOU conventions occur Saturday in Itasca, Olmstead and Pine Counties on February 23rd.

I wonder what Michael Brodkorb thinks about this one. Andy Aplikowski has this one posted on True North.