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Monday, February 25, 2008

Seifert vs Pawlenty

Mary LaHammer at TPT:

The biggest news may be that the governor appears to have let Republicans off the hook. Last week we reported that Gov. Pawlenty visited the House Republican caucus. According to a leading House Republican, the governor told House Republicans if 5-10 of them had to override than they were supposed to just do it on the first attempt. Some caucus members said if they knew the governor was going to say that they wouldn't have invited him. Some of the Republicans who voted for the bill are saying they're doing this for the governor because the bridge collapse and the fact "he's boxed himself in on transportation."

It appeared that this report got Pawlenty's communications director, Brian McClung's undies in a bunch:

I just heard from Brian McClung Pawlenty's Communications Director. McClung says the governor is "not letting anyone off the hook." McClung verified that Pawlenty did say to the Republican caucus that "If you are going to override, there's no reason to do it 3, 4, 5 times" meaning don't drag it out. Some caucus members seemed to have interpreted that as letting votes off the hook, McClung says that was not the governor's goal. Pawlenty has been working phones from D.C. this morning, calling House Republicans urging them to uphold his veto. But it seems there's some confusion over how his remarks were interpreted by caucus members.

More here:

Minority Leader Marty Seifert said staffing will be a caucus decision and those decisions haven't been made yet. When Seifert was asked if he was personally satisfied with the governor's efforts he tersely responded, "sure." That speaks volumes. You can tell Seifert was not pleased with Gov. Pawlenty's comments to caucus that we reported on earlier telling members if they did vote for an override to do it on the first attempt.

Will Jason Lewis rant about the Governor on his show tomorrow?