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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Taxpayers League Targets Tinglelstad, Abler

Here's their alert. Tinglestad was not endorsed at the district convention. Instead they tabled the endorsement. She had a summary of the legislative auditor's report on transportation at her table. Some activists are trying to recruit challengers to her.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Taxpayers League of Minnesota
Date: Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 12:43 PM Subject: Taxpayers League Legislative ALERT!

Legislative ALERT! Legislative ALERT! Legislative ALERT!

We're right back in the same place we were nine months ago. Except this time the tax increases are larger, the growth of government is more expansive and our roads and bridges are short-changed even further.

The Transportation bill that was passed yesterday is not only a $6.6 billion travesty of backroom deals and desperate legislators, it's also the largest tax increase in the 150 year history of our state. And a whopping 50% larger than last year's bill.

And just like last year, two key Republican legislators have decided to side with the tax-and-spenders instead of their Governor, their leadership, the majority of their caucus and most of the citizens of Minnesota who oppose this legislation. DFL leadership will likely attempt an override of Governor Pawlenty's veto as early as Monday, Tingelstad NOW! Urge them to sustain Governor Pawlenty's veto just like they did last May.

Contact Rep. Jim Abeler and Rep. Kathy Tingelstad NOW!

Here is their contact information from their House of Representatives websites:

Rep. Jim Abeler:
Office: (651) 296-1729, Home: (612) 245-3764

Rep. Kathy Tingelstad:
Office: (651) 296-5369, Home: (763) 421-2000

In addition to $6.6 billion in tax increases, this bill contains:

  • No referendum on a Metro area sales tax increase

  • A sales tax increase in every county that borders the Metro area

  • An 8 ½ cent gas tax increase

  • Giant increases in car registration taxes

  • New layers of government waste and more bureaucrats

  • This bill is $2.4 billion larger than last year's bill

Contact Jim Abeler and Kathy Tingelstad and ask them to sustain the Governor's veto of the Transportation bill. Tell them you're taxed enough and tell them to stick with the Governor and the rest of their House Republicans.