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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will Minneapolis Get a Good Return on Investment with All The Gas Tax/Metro Tax Increases

I'm curious whether Minneapolis legislators work aggressively to make sure the metro area gets their fair share of the revenue coming from the gas tax. Currently, the metro area has 60% of the population, and gets 25% of the gas tax revenue.
This is nonsense.

Yes, I got this little factoid from Jason Lewis, but on this point, he sounds like he knows what he's talking about.

I also heard Jason talking today about why should Minneapolis get more money from the State when the City and County elected officials lobbied for the stadium boondoggle. Well it wasn't Minneapolis, and he should have pointed out Governor Pawlenty of Tax increases role in this in addition to Dem legislators such as Senator Linda Higgins.

I personally think the best way to deal with this is to introduce a bill to exempt municipalities from the state sales tax. It might be a better deal for Minneapolis than constantly have to lobby for LGA.

But then, lobbyists are good sources of funding for City Council and County Board campaigns - and the same lobbyists that contribute to the campaigns, also represent the various boards at the legislature. Brian Rice anyone?


jcb said...

i think i have a better solution than exempting municipalities from the st sales tax to end lga. why not mandate the state to compensate to compensate all local govts for the property taxes lost to properties exempted by state statute-charities, hospitals, schools/colleges, cemeteries, govt properties, etc. i agree lga is totally unreliable & political-it has not worked. i personally oppose sales taxes. i think the st sales tax should be 5% statewide w/ no local add-ons.