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Friday, March 07, 2008

Anti-Gay Activist Judy Lindsay Up for Republican Endorsement in 37B tomorrow

Judy Lindsay has run against Ozment in the past, and blocked his endorsement. He defeated her in a primary. Ozment now is on record in the Pioneer Press saying that should the party endorse Lindsay, they could lose the general election.

Who will succeed senior House Republican Dennis Ozment?

Ozment, a GOP moderate who is bowing out from his Rosemount-based district after more than two decades, isn't saying whom he'd like to see in his seat. At Saturday's endorsing convention, however, he plans on making his reservations about former challenger Judy Lindsay as clear as rainwater.

"Judy's an extremist. Everybody knows my opposition to Judy. She doesn't support education," Ozment said Wednesday.

"She's just not electable," he continued. "If they would endorse her, I'm afraid the Republicans would lose that seat."

Lindsay, 50, of Rosemount, is taking Ozment's anti-endorsement in stride. She spent more than eight years on the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School Board, winning re-election in 1999 with the official backing of the Republican Party and strong opposition from teachers' unions.

"I'm the only one that has a record," said Lindsay, noting that two other candidates seeking the GOP endorsement have never held public office. "I'm the only one that's proven that I'm electable."

On Saturday, Republicans and DFLers will gather in Apple Valley and Rosemount, respectively, to pick their preferred candidate for House District 37B, the seat Ozment has held for 24 years.

Ozment, a former Minneapolis fire captain, announced in January he would not run for re-election. His departure has drawn at least five political contenders, some of whom might never have dreamed of running against

Along with Lindsay, the Republican hopefuls include retired teacher Deb Kaczmarek and David Ganfield, a retired Apple Valley firefighter. Ozment said either one would do a good job.

Judy Lindsay is an extremist. She testified at the legislature in favor of overturning the human rights act as it applied to gays. During her testimony, she claimed that homosexuality causes bipolar disorder. Previous Lloydletta's Nooz posts on this topic are available here and here.