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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dean Testifies for the Defense in Discrimination Lawsuit Against the DNC


“I wasn’t able, we weren’t able, to break through,” Dean said. “The relations with the gay community, which I had a very good relationship when I started, had been deteriorating since Donald came on board.”
Dean said he didn’t hold Hitchcock responsible for the negative press, but approved the firing after Hitchcock failed to effectively counter it.
“The press is not the problem,” Dean said. “The problem was the community itself was getting a bad impression because Donald wasn’t able to counteract in the community what the press was writing.”

Forgive us, Mr. Dean, but is it not a press representative’s duty to counter negative press? Unless, of course, you believe that the gay and lesbian leader can somehow control all the gays in the land. We don’t work that way. It seems to us that Dean’s sentence would make more sense if you replaced “community” with “Paul Yandura,” Hitchcock’s boyfriend. But that’s just our impression.
Speaking of impressions, we are not impressed with Donna Brazile, who seems to be getting grayer by the moment. Dean conceded under oath that Brazile objected to a proposal to include gays in the DNC’s affirmative action agenda. Homo member Garry Shay had suggested the move, but Brazile found it offensive to the civil rights movement.
Dean said some “influential individuals” within the DNC Black Caucus, such as Donna Brazile, opposed the plan because it was seen as “an affront to the civil rights movement.”
Brazile, who chairs the DNC’s Voting Rights Institute, declined to comment for this article.
Dean said the dispute grew to the point where “we had two very important groups of people in the DNC disagreeing with each other” and several DNC and caucus officials were asked to broker a deal that would make peace on the issue.
“I wanted equal representation for gay and lesbian Americans,” he said, “and I wanted to achieve it in a way that wasn’t offensive to the history of the civil rights movement.”

This just shows that DNC chair Howard Dean doesn't have a clue.