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Monday, March 03, 2008

Deputy Chair Dorothy Fleming Drives 3 Hours to Cottonwood County Convention

MN Publius has the scoop.

A very good source at the Capitol tells us that MN GOP Deputy Chair Dorothy Fleming (who apparently uses the moniker “Deputy Dot”) made an appearance out at the Cottonwood County Republican Convention (Cottonwood County makes up just over a third of Override Sixer Rod Hamilton’s district). Fleming’s appearance will remind some of MN GOP Chair Ron Carey’s visit to Kathy Tingelstad’s endorsing convention, but there is one very notable difference. Carey lives in Tingelstad’s district, Fleming does not live in Hamilton’s. In fact, according to her website, Fleming lives in St. Anthony. Per Google Maps, its over a three hour drive from St. Anthony to Cottonwood County.

Deputy Chair Fleming went all the way out to Cottonwood County to express her deep opposition to the endorsement of Rod Hamilton for another term. But according to my source, the activists in the room didn’t take too kindly to the State Party sticking their nose into this particular issue. Apparently, Fleming was booed and heckled during her speech. In fact, she was “all but booed from the stage.”

It would be interesting to get some more stories on this one. A capital source is likely to be someone who is allied with Hamilton.


Markh said...

you don't suppose that Rep. Hamilton's votes on the transportation bill (and the override) actually were representative of his district???

What an outlandish idea... listening to constituents.