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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hillarious Interview with Ron Erhardt on KTLK

Chris Baker does the interview. AntiStrib transcribes the interview. From the transcript:

CB: Just want to get something started. Well, that’s…that’s…Alright, I have another idea here…why don’t we throw this one…let’s fire this shot across the bow. State Rep. Ron Erhart with us here on 100.3 K-Talk. I have a great shot to fire across the bow…Rep. Erhart…how about this…let’s deny social services to criminal aliens, and save a little money there? Can you fire that one up?

RE: Well, ah…you bring that pieces over there and we’ll see if we can’t get a bill drawn up.

CB: Well, you’re the big guy there, why don’t you fire that one up? That would be great! People, I’m telling ya, you’d be like Elvis, people would be so proud of you.

RE: You bring that over here and I’ll put your name as co-sponsor on the bill

CB: Oh, now…how can I be a co-sponsor? I’m not even a State Rep.

RE: I’m giving you an opportunity here

CB: I can’t be a co-sponsor

RE: Oh…we’ll get you in there somehow. If you think that is a good idea, why let me know and I’ll…

CB: You’re goofing around on me now!

RE: No, no…I’m not goofing around

CB: You’re goofing around on me here…I’m giving you here…you want to fire shots across the bow, I’m giving you a really good one here that people will embrace and now you’re saying you want to bring me to the State House and make me a co-sponsor?

RE: Instead of sitting out there and talk about it, bring your idea on here and I’ll put you in as a co-sponsor.

CB: How…how can I be a co-sponsor as a talk host?

RE: Well…that’s the way we introduce bills…we say at request…by request if somebody comes ah…

CB: Oh, really?

RE: …wants something done like that.

CB: Can I speak before this great body?

RE: Oh, you can absolutely speak before, when you promote the thing we’ll put you through as many committees as you want to go to.

CB: How quick can you get me in there on this?

RE: Ahhhhh…..well, we have to have the bill drawn, and we’d have to have…ahhh…we’d have to have an “ok” from the tax chair…but I would suspect within 10 days.

CB: Let’s set a date. Can we set a date, sir?

RE: Well…ahhhhh…I can give you the parameters, let’s say within the 2 weeks period we will have Chris Baker talking on putting…what are we going to do to the illegal aliens? We’re going to take their rights away?

CB: Well…no, no sir…not rights. What my…my…did you hear what I…

RE: What rights are we going to take away?

CB: Well…we want to deny services to criminal aliens. Such as…

RE: Oh…Aliens…

CB: Education…

RE: Is that the kind that comes over and hovers with the black helicopters or is this really illegal aliens?

CB: Criminal aliens, illegal aliens, the same things yes.

RE: ok

CB: Actually, criminal aliens is the more applicable term

RE: Well…we’d certainly be interested in listening to that.

CB: Well…let’s set this up! I’m dead serious, sir. I will come down there and [inaudible] on.

RE: Well…send me an email with your proposition and well we can do and we’ll call you back.

Go to the post for the full transcript.