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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rachel Paulose Like Atmosphere in the Attorney General's Office

Eric Black at Minn Post has the story.

The union issue has broken into the mainstream media a few times and more often in the blogosphere. The trade publication Minnesota Lawyer has covered the matter more than any other outlet.

Swanson declined to speak to Minnesota Public Radio for a story that aired this morning about the unionization issues. Her spokesman gave MPR this statement: "The issue of whether confidential attorneys can form a union has been around for 20 years. Attorney General Swanson is focused on doing her job for the people of Minnesota."

In April, AFSCME Executive Director Eliot Seide, reacting to Swanson's rejection of the unionization drive, issued this colorful quote from outside of Swanson's State Capitol Office: "Four words disgust us today, and those four words are 'AFSCME endorsed Lori Swanson.' " Swanson accused Seide of trying to intimidate her.

Ray Waldron, president of the Minnesota AFL-CIO, asked all unions to withhold contributions from Swanson's political campaigns "until this dispute is resolved." Swanson's term runs through 2010, so there's plenty of time, but if labor stays mad at her, it could lead to a serious intraparty challenge that year.

The union organizers created an anonymous blog called AG Organizing Update, in October.

She sounds even worse than Mike Hatch - and that's saying something.