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Sunday, March 09, 2008

St Paul Pioneer Press Comments on Judy Lindsay


Ms. Lindsay is an intolerant gay basher who holds such neanderthalic and narrow-minded views she cannot form an original idea on her own and is instead spoon-fed policy and bites from the "Christian" Right. We have 3 children in the ISD 196 School District, where she left office as opposed to answering for her behavior. This woman's sole purpose in life is to diminish social rights changes that our parents and grandparents work hard to legislate. The only thing I can agree with her on is to limit the size of government and decrease taxes. However, because of her social justice views (she wants to go back to 1919!) and actions depicting her intolerance with those who are different from her, there is NO WAY I will vote for her, and she is generally unelectable, as is the other person on the Republican side, Debbie Kaczmerik. She is intellectually dishonest and quite a hot head herself. Ms. Kaszmerik wrote several letters over the years to various papers which include calling citizens names (not elected officials, just ordinary private citizens who expressed a differing opinion). She also supported the causes of a guy, Kurt Hansen, who is on the DFL side of this election. So she just can't be trusted in my opinion. If she is supporting a tax and spend DFLer on one side and calling herself a Republican on the other, guess what? It seems likely that she is not telling the truth at all, but hedging a bet that one of them will get elected since Ms. Lindsay is so far out of touch with reality. We already have enough liars in politics, we don't need another one. As far as Ozment, I can't disagree that he never met a spending bill he didn't like. I have kids and I intended to spend money on them and not on government bureaucracy and needless programs.

If Judy Lindsay wins, she will be a source of more entertainment in the legislature. She will also be an embarrassment to the Republican party.


Martha Washington said...

That Kaczmarek woman has not only been seen being friendly to 'tax and spend liberals,' there are rumors that she's nice to homosexuals, to persons of color, and even to JEWS! Thank goodness her candidacy went nowhere. We can't have THAT kind of behavior in a politician.