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Saturday, April 12, 2008

3rd District Convention Report

Joe Bodell, Michael Brodkorb and MN Publius live blogged the 3rd CD convention. This was a very interesting convention to watch. Madia underperformed expectations, and for a while it looked like the convention would end up with no endorsement. Jim Niland from AFSCME was organizing floor strategy for the Bonoff campaign - and Niland is legendary among the DFL for this ability. In the end after 9 ballots (results of 8 were announced), Terri Bonoff withdrew just before the 9th ballot, Ashwin Madia was endorsed by acclimation.

Ron Erhardt came to the convention and was recognised for his courage. After he was given a round of applause, the chair of Senate District 41 came up, and informed the convention there was an endorsed DFL candidate for 41A, and delegates were encouraged to support that candidate.

I got the opportunity to meet several bloggers I only knew virtually: Sean Broom from MN Publius, and Two Putt Timmy from MN Blue.

Mark Drake, Communications Director at the Republican Party of Minnesota told me he thought the DFL convention did very well with having food available for attendees.