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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bloggers Desperately Do Damage Control for Franken

This is reminiscent of the way Heidi Frederickson of the Kennedy Campaign relied upon Kennedy v the Machine to promote Mark Kennedy's message. It didn't work out so well, because KvM was never able to get around the mainstream media in the way Daschle v Thune did.

Now both MN Publius, and MN Campaign Report tell us about the Franken campaign's desparate attempt to stop this story from hurting him with the delegates to the State convention.

MN Publius:

I’m not going to sugar-coat this, all these issues have made for some rough times for the Franken campaign over the last month, but I can honestly say that this step by the campaign is encouraging. The campaign seems to be at the front of this now and has decided to take the path of full, willful disclosure–a choice that will hopefully get this all out there. I just got a tip from inside Franken campaign HQ that 100 phone bankers are calling every delegate in the state to tell them the story before they read it in the paper and, if the emails I’m getting are any indication, the delegates are on board with the rapid response.

MN Campaign Report:
Got off the phone with Franken campaign staffer Andy Barr a little while ago. The campaign office is busy, obviously, but not doing what one might think they'd be doing at a time like this. According to Barr, their goal was to call every single DFL State Convention delegate so the delegates "could hear what really happened from us tonight before they got it wrong from someone else tomorrow."
It's damage control mode, no doubt about it, but there's a good way to do that and there's a bad way, and Franken's team appears to be doing it the good way.

Mary LaHammer speculates that other democrats might get into the race. She mentions Ciresi and Tim Walz, then adds:

Time is a factor. The DFL State Convention is just a month away and delegates would like to leave squarely behind one candidate. Dems I've talked to are also privately outraged that Franken's campaign didn't scrub the record before launching such a major campaign. He certainly has the money. Word around the Capitol is that Franken's troubles are not over either. It it good that he's talking rather than getting in a bunker mode which campaigns can do under fire. I think Minnesotans like to see someone come clean, admit a mistake. But a week or two should reveal if Franken will survive or if other Democrats try to challenge him.

Other names that are being talked about include: R.T. Rybak, Tom Bakk, Tarryl Clark. Let us know what you're hearing.


Charley Underwood said...

I would like to propose a wonderful alternative: Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. JNP has a solid appeal to the progressive base, plus he has a style that communicates with the average Minnesota voter. Jack gains supporters in large numbers whenever people hear him. He is the antithesis of the focus-grouped, consultant-driven candidate. Jack is ruthless in his honesty, but boundless in communicating hope. Jack is especially strong on issues of peace and sustainability, and would make a truly exceptional senator.