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Friday, April 25, 2008

DFL Disses Gays in 6th District Message

Larry Schumacher from the St Cloud Times writes about the DFL's message when running against Michele Bachmann.

The first argues that Bachmann "has shown that she is incapable of putting her constituents' basic need ahead of her allegiance to George W. Bush and the far-right ideology with which she is enthralled" and runs down a litany of votes they believe will haunt her, including voting against expanding SCHIP, increasing college tuition aid, allowing the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to lower Medicare Part D prescription drug prices, higher fuel efficiency and renewable energy, and ending pay discrimination against women.

It notes that Bachmann still strongly supports Bush's policy on the Iraq war, despite the mounting costs in financial and human terms and growing public opposition.

It also hits her again for her "workingest state" comment, saying she "celebrated (the) middle-class squeeze."

It's notable that the DFL is avoiding framing Michele Bachmann's extremist rhetoric against her. You'd think most people in the 6th District would be offended by a sign that said "Death Penalty for Homosexuals" - well that was rather typical of signs carried at the rally she headlined that was supposedly about "traditional marriage."

Person with sign that says Death Penalty for Homosexuals at 2004 Bachmann Amendment Rally

So the DFL is throwing gays under the bus on this one. Not surprising.

They will lose on this issue unless they frame it aggressively - because Bachmann and the outside groups will frame it as "traditional marriage", and the DFL should be framing it as bigotry (using photos of signs like the one I've described to back up their case). Having Bachmann trying to explain why she is not a bigot is exactly where you want her. Here's her speech to Edwatch about the Effect of Same Sex Marriage on Education. During this speech she talked about the group of loving people at this rally.

Since the DFL doesn't use this issue against Michele Bachmann, it makes me wonder whether they aren't particularly offended by someone who headlines a rally that has "Death Penalty for Homosexuals" signs. This is one of the reasons why I am not a member of the DFL.

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