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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Interview with Phil Sterner - Judy Lindsay's Opponent

I talked with Phil Sterner last week, who is the DFL endorsed candidate running against anti-gay extremist Judy Lindsay. He has lived in the area (Apple Valley/Rosemont) for 40 years, and owns an independent insurance agency. He is also a member of the local chamber of commerce. The issues he is interested in are education and transportation, and when he talks about transportation, he includes transit. He currently holds a position on the Rosemont City Council.

I asked him whether he supported a bill to allow municipalities to offer domestic partner benefits. I had to ask him several times before I could get an answer. He said he would vote in favor of such a bill, because he believed municipalities should decide on the benefits they offer.

MN Publius has been critical of Judy Lindsay's extremism, but they are avoiding the fact that she targets gays like the plague. That's so typical of the standard partisan DFL line.