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Friday, April 25, 2008

Minnpost on Rich Stanek's Self-Promotion

David Brauer reports:

KSTP chronicles the further adventures of publicity hound Rich Stanek. The Hennepin sheriff staged a photo op giving recovered shoplifted goods to a women's shelter. Problem: His office had nothing to do with the bust. A frustrated Edina detective says no credit was given to Edina cops and Scott County deputies who broke the case. Minneapolis police and pols have already gnashed teeth over Stanek's credit-hogging on the I-35W collapse.

Meanwhile a commenter responded to my earlier post commenting on the situation.

An anonocommenter named "newsie", who joined blogger in April 2008 left the comment:

Good morning Lloydletta,

I appreciate your diligence in trying to help spread the news. All good journalists know though, you must make sure to check your sources, and when you are reporting something that might be seen as controversial - make sure you have more than just one source before you report a story.

Macy's refutes this story STRONGLY and so does the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office.

Macy's came to the Sheriff's Office in January and ASKED the Sheriff's Office to find a good home for all of the clothing that was sitting in a warehouse for a very long time after a shoplifting bust.

Macy's would not - even after many questions from the Sheriff's Office - offer details to the Sheriff's Office regarding the investigation. The Sheriff's Office asked more than one Macy's representative several times for the details - but Macy's wanted the story to be about GIVING not the investigation.

The investigators who made the bust two years ago received credit in the media for their great work. Again, this week's story was ONLY about GIVING.

Sheriff Stanek did NOT know who made the bust and had his staff ask Macy's several times to gather that information for him - but Macy's did not want to talk about the investigation because the focus of this week's story was GIVING.

These are important details that KSTP had Tuesday night before they went with the story - but KSTP decided not to report the REAL story. KSTP is to blame for taking the focus off the non-profit Ready for Success, NOT Sheriff Stanek.

The good news this morning: even with KSTP's mud-slinging story, Ready for Success says because of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office work in facilitating this request and because the Sheriff's Office chose this very worthy non-profit -- Ready for Success is being flooded this week with donations.

This is EXACTLY why Macys's and the Sheriff's Office did the story - to place attention on this wonderful non-profit that helps people find and secure jobs so they can feed their families.

Great work Macy's and Sheriff Rich Stanek.

This sounds suspiciously like the writing of a PR person unhappy with bad press. KSTP contacted the Sheriff's office:

A spokeswoman for Stanek said neither the sheriff nor anyone in the office was trying to unfairly take credit.

She said officials got the clothes from Macy�s and were never told who was responsible for the investigation.

This is different than newsie's claim that Rich Stanek had tried to get Macy's to tell them who made the bust. Hopefully newsie will stop back and clarify, since clearly s/he is close to Rich Stanek.