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Friday, April 04, 2008

Obama Refuses Interview Request by Philadephia Gay Paper

To her credit, Hillary accepted:

Clinton talks; Obama balks

The Democratic race for president has been heating up for months. And where once eight contenders graced the national stage, only two have made it to Pennsylvania’s primary: Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. In these months, an alliance of LGBT papers sought to speak with the top three contenders — Clinton, Obama and former Sen. John Edwards — to no avail. Now, with the delegate spread hovering around 150, smaller constituencies, including the LGBT community and their superdelegates, are playing a larger role.

PGN invited both Clinton and Obama, as well as presumptive Republican candidate John McCain, to speak with us. Only Clinton granted an interview. (Source Philadephia Gay News)

What is Barack Obama afraid of?

UPDATE: Apparently the editor of Philadelphia Gay News is a Hillary Clinton supporter. He gave Clinton $1000.00 in 2007. He did not disclose this in his article and editorial.