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Monday, April 21, 2008

Republican Platform Includes Plank Advocating the Teaching of Creation Science in Public Schools

The Senate District 42 Republicans want to change the wording of this from "Creation Science" to "Intelligent Design".

15: Intelligent Design: We support protecting educators from disciplinary action for including discussion of creation science intelligent design, and adopting science standards that acknowledge the scientific controversies pertaining to the theory of evolution.

As Adrian Mellott wrote: "Intelligent Design is Creationism in a Cheap Tuxedo."

It would be worth while asking Erik Paulsen what he thinks of this platform plank. He voted for an amendment to require balanced treatment for creationism in 2005 (Source: MFC Voter's Guide here and here.) The only time Paulsen voted against the MFC this year was when he voted in favor of a state run casino.

Despite the efforts of the Intelligent Design creationists, creationism cannot be dressed up as "Intelligent Design" in order to get into public school science classes. Judge Jones decision in the court case Kitzmiller v Dover clearly established that Intelligent Design Creationism was NOT science.