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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Two Drew Emmers Part 3

Blue Man has been doing an excellent job covering Drew Emmer and the threatening post on Look True North. Blue Man's latest post opines:

This action alert at True North was authored by "Drew Emmer" and is hauntingly similar to the posting over at Minnesota Majority. The post by "Drew Emmer" at True North posted Bremer's home address, email, and work and home phone numbers.

The True North version of this is now gone, but archived forever. The screenshot about indicated the action alert in Jeff Davis' posts was created by "Drew Emmer".

Emmer denies that he is the "Drew Emmer" that posted that.

So there are two Drew Emmer's lurking about Minnesota Majority and True North? April Fools was 2 days ago.

If Emmer is telling the truth, who over at True North and Minnesota Majority has access to user names and passwords?

For a group of individuals that complain about the "Soros bloggers" it would appear that someone else may be producing the content for them.

As I said yesterday, this presents a real problem for the credibility of Look True North, and any blogger who appears on their sidebar or contributes on the blog. For example, Scott Johnson from Powerline posted recently about the Forest Lake situation (he was annoyed). Would Johnson post under other aliases at Look True North, so he could avoid taking responsibility for things he writes?

And yes, for those wondering, one of the Drew Emmer twins is this Drew Emmer.

Drew Emmer never responded to my email request for an interview.