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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Uptake Gets Michael Brodkorb on Record Stating Republican Conventions Should Allow Liberal Bloggers to Attend

Check the interview out here.

It’s not often that Michael Brodkorb, author of the “Minnesota Democrats Exposed” blog will offer praise about the DFL (Minnesota’s Democratic Party). But that’s exactly what he did when The UpTake’s Chuck Olsen asked him about blogger access to political conventions. Brodkorb said he has been treated well by the DFL and has been given access to its conventions. He thinks Republicans should follow the DFL’s example. This comes after a series of events that Republicans have asked bloggers to leave or have banned video cameras.

Recently the 6th Congressional District Republicans banned all video and audio recording devices from its endorsing convention — not just for bloggers, but for legacy media including the St. Cloud Times.

The UpTake has been asked to leave from several high profile Republican events including a debate in Jackson at the “Pizza Shack” sponsored by the First Congressional District Republicans, the Republican State meeting in Blaine that was addressed by Governor Tim Pawlenty, and most recently the First Congressional District Republican endorsing convention.

The Uptake was also booted from the 6th District convention. I saw a comment from an Uptake person on a blog that mentioned that.

The UpTake called and emailed the Chair of that district several times weeks in advance asking for media access and did not get a response. Our volunteer correspondent was asked to leave the convention because his “camera was not registered”.

Brodkorb said that the conventions should be open from the "Blogging standpoint." In my opinion, they should also be open to visitors. It goes without saying that visitors, media and bloggers do need to stay off the floor of the convention. That's easily managed by having an audience section of the convention.

Will the 3rd District Republican convention be open if the Uptake tries to get credentials?