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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Additional Editing on Minnesota Majority's Comments on the Racial Purity Health Care Paper - and Will This Affect Mary Kiffmeyer's Campaign?

Will Mary Kiffmeyer's statements defending this hurt her in her legislative race? If this was perfectly ok, then why has Minnesota Majority made so many website scrubbing attempts?

Kiffmeyer said the page dealing with health care and its mention of racial purity must be understood in context. That phrase, she said, is simply descriptive.

"That's a genetic term," said Kiffmeyer, who is a nurse by training. "It does matter when you are doing medical studies."

Drew Emmer, the communications director for the organization, said Kiffmeyer is the organization's executive director and Jeff Davis, who has been active in pushing for a Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment, is the president. [Source: RADIO AD ON HEALTH CARE FEATURES KIFFMEYER - EX-SECRETARY OF STATE IS NONPROFIT'S DIRECTOR
St. Paul Pioneer Press (MN) - December 15, 2007 by RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER]

From Jeff Davis's post reacting to the St Paul Pioneer Press article:

There was absolutely no tinge of racism in the health care issue paper. Nor did it imply any negative judgment about single-parent households. It simply stated a demographic fact that helps explain differences in medical statistics between countries.

Now this caveat has been added:

The author of the issue paper contacted Stassen-Berger directly offering to help resolve her confusion. But the "reporter" didn't bother to return his telephone call, apparently more interested in pursuing her agenda to try to discredit our organization. Because people like Stassen-Berger had trouble understanding the author's original intent, the issue paper has been updated so as to make the author's point perfectly clear, such that even Stassen-Berger should now understand it.

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