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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Anti-Gay, Anti-Science MFC Opposes Prevention of Bullying of Gay Kids in Minneapolis Schools

It's not too surprising.

I'm appending the latest Minnesota Family Council Action alert, which is having a cow over some anti-bullying curriculum that includes trying to prevent the bullying of gay kids.

I'd encourage you to take the time to write the Minneapolis Superintendent (, School Board Chair Lydia Lee ( and Hale Principal Bob Bracale ( - especially if you live in Minneapolis.

The anti-gay Minnesota Family Council should not deep six important efforts to prevent bullying of gay kids in Minneapolis Public Schools. Will the school board, superindentent and principal kowtow to the MFC's and Katherine Kersten's bigotry?

Why do I call the MFC anti-science in my subject line? The answer is here:

For many this is an arcane, obscure, philosophical debate which occasionally hits the mainstream media in disputes between parents and school officials over the teaching of evolution in the schools.

However, what's at stake is much deeper and more earthshaking than that. Darwin provided a scientific justification for the scientific materialist philosophical perspective that the material is all that exists. There is no overarching meaning and purpose to the universe. There is no God. The implications are felt in all areas of life including ethics, morality, education, and law among others. The impact of evolutionary thinking on morality is nothing is fixed and knowable. It's all personal preference at best. If there is a moral standard, it's evolving. (How often have I heard that the family, marriage is an evolving social construct rather than rooted in the mind of God and our human nature.)

When Darwin's theory is fully discredited it will have wide ranging implications -- the rest of the super structure will fall.

Translated, this means the MFC is opposed to the use of the
scientific method, and relying for natural explanations for observations. (If you accept supernatural explanations, what you are doing is no longer in the realm of science). This goes beyond undermining the teaching of evolution, to teaching any empirically based science or social science. What's sad is that the MFC and others like them are telling kids who are interested in science that you have to choose between your interest in science and your faith. That's appalling in my view.

Bill Green, Lydia Lee and the School Principal at Hale will get phone calls, and emails from MFC supporters from all over the state and out of state. Minneapolis residents and taxpayers should call and tell them to stand firm, and not to listen to the MFC. Their candidates don't get elected in Minneapolis.

The Minnesota Family Council emailed out the following alert:

Minnesota Family Council Action Alert

Minneapolis Elementary Schools targeted
to force approval of homosexual behavior and
reject parental authority.


* Minneapolis School District Superintendent Willam Green
* Schoolboard Chair Lydia Lee
* Hale Elementary School Principal Bob Brancale

And tell them to cancel the "Welcoming Schools" curriculum.

Three elementary schools (Hale Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, and Park View Elementary) in the Minneapolis School District have been targeted to pilot the Human Rights Campaign's pro-gay curriculum entitled "Welcoming Schools." The Human Rights Campaign is the nations largest and most powerful gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender (GLBT) lobbying group in the nation.

The Minnesota Family Council and the Minnesota Family Institute stands opposed to all forms of bullying and name-calling, however this K-5 curriculum:

* Begins social reengineering in kindergarten by teaching and enforcing pro-gay themes in lessons supposed to address the family, bullying, gender roles and name-calling.
* Presents a teaching that is hostile to families with a traditional-values position of human sexuality and violates sincerely held religious beliefs.
* Confuses children's and sets up conflict in their minds over gender roles, parental authority, and their personal values and beliefs.
* Children are challenged in their "ideas of what is appropriate for girls and boys" understanding that "for some children, identifying as a boy or girl in order to participate in an activity creates internal dissonance."
* Are challenged in their "ideas of what is appropriate for each sex."
* Instructed to "create some families with adults of the same gender" using packets of photographs – and told there are "no right answers."
* Watch recommended videos including "It's Elementary" which shows an eight-year-old girl say that she thinks that those who believe what the Bible says about homosexuality are "stupid." The girl receives lavish praise from her teacher.
* Manipulates the thinking of children by continually assessing them on how well they have rejected family and parental values. Kids are required to answer, "I used to think, but now I know…"
* Uses a wide range of pro-homosexual picture books and puppets (with lots of smiles and fun activities) to redefine the family, and indoctrinate children to approve of homosexuality and same-sex couples raising children before they are old enough to understand the unhealthy implications of homosexual behavior.

[The email includes email clickable links to email Superintendent Green, School Board Chair Lydia Lee and the Hale School Principal, and then included a link to Kersten's Strib column.]

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Queers United said...

these so called family values groups no nothing about families or values