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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anti-gay Democrat Sam Nunn Mentioned as VP Possibility for Barack Obama

If Nunn is the choice, it gives gays every reason to be skeptical of Obama. Sam Nunn was the one who played a leading role in stopping Bill Clinton from allowing gays to serve openly in the military.

Nunn is mentioned as a positive because of his "national security credentials". Does that include booting people out, not for qualifications, but due to sexual orientation?


Queers United said...

As an Obama supporter I will be very sad if he picks someone who is anti-LGBT

Todd said...

He might as well chose Joe Leiberman or that other nutcase Senator from Georgia.

If it is Nunn, I will not vote for Obama.

ourprez said...

I'm gay, and I think Nunn would be Obama's strongest choice for v.p. I also think he's the most likely choice.

It's fine to say Nunn was wrong on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He was, and he was over-the-top about it. But who was right? Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank and Barry Goldwater. Everybody else was on the same page as Nunn--the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell, even eventually President Clinton. If Clinton wanted his policy to be smoothly enacted, perhaps he could have held consultations privately and figured out how to work that. Blame Nunn all you want, but he was not the only or the major impetus behind the new, awful policy. Nearly everybody ended up unanimously for it, and it's never been repealed.

And that was fifteen years ago. If Nunn can endorse Obama, which he has, and salute and support his progressive stands on civil unions and ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell, that would have a pretty significant impact in terms of delegitimizing that policy and ending it.

I have no interest in piling on Nunn over a long-ago debate he seems willing to move forward on. If he's not willing, of course, Obama probably won't pick him. So why the grandstanding? What is to be gained by it? Will you openly oppose and campaign against every senator who voted for the compromise, or who hasn't taken an active role in repealing it? I think the visceral reaction is overriding the intellectual one in this case.

Of course, I also like Fmr. Sen. John Edwards (NC) and Gov. Tim Kaine (VA) a lot. But Nunn's my top choice, recommendation and prediction.


Bob Amsel said...

Sam Nunn is a rotten choice for VP for other reasons besides being a complete homophobe, who has consistently voted against all LGBT equality bills, in addition to the part he played in "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." He'll also be 70 years old in November, which means that once Obama has served two terms (if he serves two terms), Nunn will be too old to run for president in 2016. Maybe that's a good thing from a gay perspective, but it's not particularly a good thing for the Democratic Party. I will still vote for Obama, whomever he chooses, but I'd rather vote for him without having to hold my nose.

Ron said...

When I first heard Nunn mentioned as a possible vice-presidential choice for Obama I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. I still can't get out of my mind that picture of Nunn and Senator John Warner visiting that nuclear sub to show how close the living quarters were for the men, thus "proving" that gays could not be on that sub. Bulletin! They're already there! What Nunn and Warner don't understand, it is behavior and not sexual orientation that is to be condemned. Up until that time I respected Sam Nunn as an intelligent, thinking and fair minded individual. But, when I saw his eagerness to "prove" that gays could not serve, I realized that he was just another homophobe who is more afraid of gays than terrorists. I never thought I would say this, but if Obama chooses Old Lady Nunn, I will sit out this election.