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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Does This Mean Norm Coleman Opposes the Birth Control Pill?

From Marty Andrade's summary of Norm Coleman's speech:

All life should be protected from conception to natural death, support of traditional marriage because it “all about the kids”; need a strong national defense; our best days are not behind us, the Democrats change is not for the better.

Andrade also mentions that "illegal lit" was being taken away:

-They’re taking away illegal literature? Huh? (All lit pieces need addresses as per FEC rules)

My guess is the lit piece they were removing was the lit piece attacking Norm Coleman Kevin Duchschere mentioned.


Marty said...

From what I could tell, there were three or four lit pieces deemed "illegal" and I never saw the lit piece you referenced, though I didn't go out of my pursuing the issue.

From what I heard, all lit pieces needed a name (person or organization) and an address to be deemed "legal" under campaign laws.