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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jason Lewis Urges Club for Growth to Run Ads Attacking Senator Norm Coleman

Podcast here.

Jason Lewis was interviewing Pat Toomey from Club for Growth. Lewis was ecstatic that the Club for Growth was focusing on "RINO" Republicans. Club for Growth is going after Lamar Alexander (R, Tennessee), among others. Lewis asked why not go after Norm Coleman, since Coleman seems to be the epitome of what Club for Growth doesn't like, considering that Coleman voted in favor of the Farm bill, is opposed to drilling in ANWR, and is pushing various pieces of global warming legislation.

The discussion starts towards the end of the tape, after the bumper: "Take a Letter, Maria". He's setting up discussion of this ad:

JL: Their latest foray is this Lieberman Warner cap in trade bill - that ad we just heard there could have been a Club for Growth ad.

PT: I like it very much. I'm glad it's running on your show.

JL: Well you should consider running them in Minnesota because our sitting Senator Norm Coleman is in fact one of the greenies as is our Republican governor. Both so far have not supported drilling in ANWR where we could import as much oil as we get from Saudi Arabia. We have created an energy crisis, a political crisis because Republicans have basicly thrown in the towel on the tough issues and are refusing to debate.

PT: Well it's breathtaking to me that we can have oil at $130 per barrel and can still not sustain a vote to drill in the middle of nowhere in Alaska frankly and where the Alaskans want to drill and where the oil is. It's just - you know well - I'm speechless.

JL: Well you are targeting Lamar Alexander. You are targeting some democrats and you are targeting Elizabeth Dole - she should have been targeted years ago. But you are not targeting Norm Coleman in Minnesota. Any particular reason? Just....

PT: No, it's just a matter of - you know - finite resources. We are trying to a significant degree what we are trying to do is to let people know that we care about this, we are paying attention um, we are going on record. Ah... people know what the Club for Growth is all about. I think they care about our opinion on this for various reasons and...

JL: Can you think of - I hate to speed things along, we are running against the clock though. I knew the Club for Growth had not lost their bearings when they and
I were one of the first to criticize Mike Huckabee as a pro-life liberal and that's exactly what his record was in Arkinsas. Can you think of a worse vice-presidential choice?

PT: It would be a huge mistake for Senator McCain. I doubt very much that he would go down that road. He doesn't need someone with lots of baggage - Mike Huckabee's got a lot of baggage.

JL: What road is he going down?

PT: That's a good question. I'd love to see him pick Mark Sanford. He's my favorite choice.

JL: Yup, yup.... South Carolina Governor.

PT: Terrific candidate - former house member, governor two terms, solid conservative, the entire coalition will love everything they learn about Mark Sanford.

JL: And that's exactly what the party needs geographicly.

PT: Well you know, we should be ok in South Carolina. McCain will be fine in the South with the possible exception of states where Barack Obama will be able to drive a huge black turnout which could include Mississippi, Georgia, possibly even North Carolina.

JL: That's exactly right. Sadly I hate to be... I'm a lifelong Republican. I ran for congress as a Republican. But you know I think the real - the real asterisk or the real story that that nobody's talking about in this cycle is that forget about the big tent, forget about the Republicans realizing we need liberals to win. The real story is finally after quite frankly the mistakes of this administration and the Republicans in congress, conservatives have finally had it.

Lewis said he cannot vote for any Republican candidate who claims to be an environmentalist. So what is he going to do about Norm Coleman?

I assume this alert from Republicans for Environmental Protection (REP America) will send Lewis through the roof.

URGENT: Senate Considers Landmark Climate Bill

Please contact your senators today or tomorrow.

On Monday, June 2, the Senate will begin deliberations on landmark, long overdue climate legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions using the proven, market-friendly, cap-and-trade approach. We have waited a long time for this moment.

The Climate Security Act, S. 3036, is comprehensive legislation that will use market forces to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It will foster development of cleaner energy technologies that provide greater energy security, enhanced economic opportunities, and reductions in unhealthy air emissions.
The outcome of this vote will determine whether we take serious action to address climate change and reduce our overdependence on fossil fuels, or continue to waste precious time while these problems worsen.
While the Climate Security Act enjoys bipartisan support, including co-sponsorship of Republican Senators John Warner (VA), Norm Coleman (MN), Susan Collins (ME), and Elizabeth Dole (NC), there are many senators from both parties who are still on the fence. Your two senators need to hear from you!
Passage will require 60 votes because of a promised filibuster from Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), who believes, in spite of abundant evidence to the contrary, that climate change is a hoax.
Click on this link to send a message to your senators.
In addition to sending a message using the link above, please call your senators and urge them to support America's Climate Security Act. The Capitol switchboard number is: 202-224-3121. You can also find their direct office numbers in our telephone directory.
S. 3036 is up to the challenge of reducing climate risks while strengthening energy security and growing the economy. Its fate is up to us.
Thank you so much for your help with this!

Martha Marks, President


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Well, the small tent people are livin' up to the billing.

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