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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Joe Repya Unloads on Ron Carey's Management of the Republican Convention in Rochester

Eagle's Nest:

I was held out hope that cooler minds would win the day and convince the inept leadership of the MN GOP that they were about to make a major public relations error and surrender the days news to the Ron Paul faction of the party. I hoped that they would do the smart thing and invite Ron Paul in to address the convention.

Alas that didn't happen. Ron Paul was forced to speak outside to some 500 on lookers. In doing so, the MN GOP made the entire story on all the television and radio stations about divisiveness in the party and the snubbing of the Paulites. So much for the old Republican "Big Tent" of political inclusiveness.

Later in the morning the battle changed to the inside of the convention when a major power grab by the MN GOP establishment led by it's Chairman Ron Carey took place. Full disclosure here: I ran last summer against Carey for the chair position. Regardless, an attempt was made to disenfranchise any Republican who was suspected of anything short of complete and total loyalty to the establishment. When I left the convention this afternoon, results of a vote to change the State GOP Constitution to give exorbitant power to the executive committee to replace any BPOU leadership within the state they felt were not following their directives was yet to be announced. From the jeers and boos from the convention goers, it may not pass. In truth, this change came about because two BPOU's announced they would not support the re-election of Senator Norm Coleman. We can't allow any independent thinkers in the new GOP.


No wonder one of the DFL blogs recently posted that this year the DFL has a secret weapon - Ron Carey!