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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mitch Berg: Defeating Moderate Republicans Is More Important than Defeating DFLers

He interviewed Jan Schneider, who got the Republican endorsement over Neil Peterson, partly because Peterson voted to override the transportation, but also because Peterson doesn't kowtow to the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council.

This is a laugh:

Jan needs your help, of course; Peterson is supported by a phalanx of big unions, including the construction unions that’ll be the big beneficiaries of the Transportation Bill.

Berg fails to point out that the Chamber of Commerce also supported the Gas Tax Increase.

Berg concludes:

Defeating the DFL is important; knocking off the Override Six is almost even bigger, since the long-term viability of this state is so closely tied to the viability of the GOP.

And Berg likes to call himself "center-right".

Meanwhile, where has Berg and others concerned about tax policy been about the Mall of America?