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Monday, May 12, 2008

Peter LaBarbera Unhappy With My Post

He was especially unhappy that I cited Burroway who said that Peter "collects gay porn". I was always under the impression that Peter had such a collection, considering his breathless reporting of stuff I'd never heard of. However, I will take Peter at his word, that he does NOT have a gay porn collection.

Peter is checking into how Ted Pike's stories are getting published on David Duke's website. Peter asked me why I thought Pike posted the story. Part of the reason I thought this, was the stories were posted under Pike's byline. Duke's material is under Duke's byline. Pike also has numerous stories on Duke's site, not just the story about the hate crime in Illinois. Pike's stories are clearly anti-semetic. LaBarbera says he despised David Duke, and also despises anti-semetism. It will be interesting to see whether he disavows the Rev Ted Pike.


Scott said...

Peter is lying. He's offered to show his gay porn collection to an "ex-gay" named Wade Richards, along with leatherman gear equipped with hidden cameras.

I don't know how much of his gay porn is store-bought, but he is in fact a gay pornographer, and films men having sex without their consent (in bathhouses and other adult sexual venues).

It appears he especially enjoys filming men pissing on each other, and beating each other senseless with whips and other S&M devices.

You can read about it here, under the title "It Takes A Leather Daddy":