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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Strib Covers Coleman's Blood Money and Franken's Playboy Money


Minnesota Republicans are scolding DFL Senate candidate Al Franken for a campaign fundraiser hosted Monday by Playboy CEO Christie Hef- ner at her Chicago-area home -- and taking him to task for a sexually explicit satire he wrote for that magazine eight years ago.

Meanwhile, DFLers are calling on Republican incumbent Norm Coleman to divest his reelection campaign of nearly $10,000 received from the political-action committee and employees of a lobbying firm that represented Myanmar's military regime.

With endorsing conventions for the U.S. Senate race rapidly approaching, the leading candidates are under attack by political opponents for taking contributions from controversial donors.

In Coleman's case, it's the oppressive face of Myanmar's junta that has been on display since the devastating cyclone this month that killed nearly 80,000 people.

With Franken, it's the magazine that made pornography in the United States big business and which has been accused of exploiting women under a veneer of sophistication.

Commenters react:

As a woman ..

who grew up at the height of Playboy's reign [clubs, televised "Bunny of the Year" contest on ABC, massive resorts] I would rather be associated with Playboy than the barbaric junta that destroyed the Burmese people. However, as bent as the average American is about sex and sexuality, I will bet good money that people will rake Mr. Franken over the coals, as opposed to doing the same to Mr. Coleman. We tend to disregard violence in favor of conducting witch hunts over sexual matters.
posted by daphned3620 on May. 20, 08 at 11:43 PM |
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Coleman's ties with cruel and brutal dictators

This just shows that Norm Coleman will do anything to keep his government paycheck coming. He has absolutely no experience working like average Minnesotans so he accepts bloody money from the dictators shills.
posted by joeeeeee on May. 21, 08 at 6:37 AM |
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As a human ...

I'm offended that Coleman would accept financing from such a dubious source. But then Norm doesn't give two donations about what's right, he only cares about what will keep his slimy rear in office. That's always been goal #1 with America's laziest senator.
posted by shockdaddyd on May. 21, 08 at 6:39 AM |
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