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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strib Editorial Supports Welcoming Schools Anti-Bullying Curriculum


In a Minneapolis classroom, a fourth-grader says "That's so gay,'' which in turn intimidates and offends a child with two moms. In the hallway, a third-grader shoulder-shoves another boy while using the other f-word.

Those types of exchanges occur regularly at Minneapolis elementary schools, educators say. So when children taunt, tease or harass their peers with antigay epithets, what should teachers do? That's the dilemma Minneapolis school leaders seek to address in considering the "Welcoming Schools'' guide, a lesson plan on diversity, bullying, gender-stereotyping and name-calling.

Despite its worthy goals, the proposed program has become controversial. Some parents believe it's inappropriate to discuss sexual orientation in schools. Some say that programs such as "Welcoming Schools'' directly conflict with their views on family structure. Understandably, these are sensitive issues. That's why the district would allow parents to opt out of the pilot program now under consideration.

The anti-gay activists over at the Minnesota Family Council are howling over the Strib's bias. Somehow they forgot to mention this editorial countered their "columnist" Katherine Kersten.

Spotty over at the Cucking Stool wagged his tail over the Kersten column. It's well worth a read. Spotty points out that Kersten, as is typical, just regurgitates press releases.