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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Write to Rep. Michael Nelson

DFL Rep Michael Nelson deserves to hear from a lot of people about the Mall of America parking lot scam.

Here's the link to his legislative webpage.

Here's the message I sent earlier today.

I don't care who might get a job out it.... the proposal to allow the Mall of America to steal money from the fiscal disparities fund for a
non-public purpose is a bad idea. If the Legislature wants to incentivize new construction for non-public purposes, lower everybody's taxes. Don't pick specific winners (which also creates losers). I'd be curious about how your own constituents feel about the work you've done on this topic. Where is Brookdale in relation to your district? Are you representing your district, or are you just a mouthpiece for the labor unions? I'm holding out hope that this dies in the conference committee, especially since Rep. Lenczewski pointed out that nobody has agreed to back the bonds.