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Monday, June 23, 2008

The Drama Queen is Getting the Vapors and Clutching the Pearls

This time its over a WaPo blogpost about whether the Norm Coleman campaign greenscreened Laurie Coleman into an ad. Norm Coleman's water carrier really pushes it on this one.

The tables have certainly been turned on Team Franken, who helped push this false attack on Senator Coleman and his family behind the scenes.

That's what the Coleman campaign would like people to believe. Actually this particular meme requires no catalysis from the Franken campaign. Bloggers such as MN Publius tend to be reliable DFL campaign parrots. Other lefty bloggers, such as Two Putt Tommy or Hal Kimball don't try to coordinate message. Right wing bloggers such as Mitch Berg have talked about Norm Coleman's "unconventional marriage" being common knowledge in St Paul. Is Mitch Berg an "Al Franken blogger"?


Markh said...

It doesn't require a last wing conspiracy to find this patched together video silly and a little bit insulting.

I'd be surprised if anybody listens to Laurie's prattling on about her 'husband'. I've heard many comments from people since the ad started running... people who typically don't say too much or get too worked up over politics.

They're generally surprised or puzzled or amused by the rosy picture of domestic life portrayed in the commercial, when common knowledge on the street says its not true. The dishonesty of the presentation is the message... nobody remembers what Laurie says.

Check the lighting on the Senator vs the Missus. There is no possible way they were filmed in the same room at the same time.