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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Elwyn Tinklenberg's Campaign Taking Off

Since getting endorsed by the DFL a month and a half ago, the Tinklenberg campaign has taken off. The website has improved considerably. He's got a light the bulb fundraising appeal at the head of the site. Currently they are about 6.5 K along to their 25,000 online fundraising goal by June 30. They now have a blog and video channel which helps encourage people to come to the website regularly.

The most recent news is that Elwyn Tinklenberg was endorsed by the Independence Party. Chris Truscott reported on the convention.

Sunday, June 22, 2008
IP Heavy Hitters Help Tinklenberg Win Endorsement
Elwyn Tinklenberg, the DFL-backed candidate in the 6th Congressional District, sat patiently in the lobby for nearly four hours yesterday while Independence Party delegates handled official business at their endorsement convention.

The wait—which forced the former Minnesota Department of Transportation commissioner to miss two parades in Sherburne County—proved worth it, however, as Tinklenberg walked out of the Bloomington Civic Plaza with something that could help level the playing field in his Republican-leaning district: the support of Minnesota’s third official “major party.”

Go and read the whole article. I believe Chris Truscott has provided the only first hand report of this convention on the blogs. Bill Prendergast does some incisive analysis of what the IP endorsement of El Tinklenberg means on Dump Bachmann.