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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It Seems Like Amy Klobuchar is Strongly Supporting Al Franken

From the DFL:

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Klobuchar, DFLers, Rally with Franken and Allies to Kick Off Campaign for Minnesota’s Middle Class
On Heels of DFL Endorsement of Franken, Democrats Rally to Obama and Entire DFL Ticket

St. Paul, MN (June 9, 2008) Newly DFL-endorsed Senate candidate Al Franken was joined today by Senator Amy Klobuchar and a wide variety of DFL elected officials, candidates, labor leaders and progressive allies — including Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer — at a rally to kick off their campaign to fight along with Senator Barack Obama for Minnesota’s middle class and to put hardworking Minnesotans ahead of corporate special interests and Washington lobbyists.

Al Franken thanked the united front of DFLers who joined him at the Capitol. “I’m ready to stand up for Minnesota in the Senate, and I’m honored to have the DFL party standing alongside me in this campaign,” he said. “In every corner of our state, I’m looking forward to working hard to build our party. And working together, we’ll win together in November. We’ll win the fight for the middle class, we’ll win to put Minnesota first, and we’ll win to put our country back on track.”

“The enthusiasm Senator Obama has unleashed cannot be contained,” said Senator Amy Klobuchar. “Its enthusiasm we saw reflected in record caucus turnouts in Minnesota, and it will only grow in the coming months as Minnesotans hear the message of Senator Obama and of Al Franken as he travels across our state. I'm fired up and ready to go. Together, we will turn this enthusiasm into victory.”

“This is a historic election year,” said U. S. Representative Keith Ellison. “Nationally and here in Minnesota, we’ve had passionate, qualified candidates; candidates who are as hungry for change as the American people. Our candidates have sharpened their steel and strengthened their weak spots by competing against each other.

“But now we’ve made our endorsements. Now it’s time to work hard and work together to explode the vote, make history and give the American people the change we’ve all been hoping for,” Ellison continued.

Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher said, “Today we come together as Democrats to show Minnesotans that we are unified. We are unified in our dedication to bringing our message of positive change and progress to Minnesotans. We are unified in our dedication to improving the lives of Minnesotans, as we have been working so hard to do in the House of Representatives on important issues like creating jobs, improving access to affordable health care and building a green economy.

“I know that Al Franken will join Senator Amy Klobuchar and the entire congressional delegation in partnering with us on the state level to keep the focus on the issues that matter to Minnesotans,” she concluded.

“I’m proud to stand here today with a united DFL Party and particularly with Al Franken,” said Minneapolis Mayor R. T. Rybak. “Al is a fighter in the great Minnesota tradition. At a time when few else were, Al was not afraid to stand up and speak out against George W. Bush and for what’s right — and he very effectively reminded DFLers of that on Saturday. Along with Senator Barack Obama, Al is ready for the fight of standing up for Minnesotans against the powerful, well-connected special interests that always seem to get their way — and they shouldn’t forget that Al has already taken them on and won.”

Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman commented, “The Republicans will try to use the politics of division and fear to win this election, but those are the politics of the past. When John McCain and Norm Coleman come at Barack Obama and Al Franken with personal attacks that are intended to distract Minnesotans from their sorry record, we will respond with talking about the issues and values that Minnesotans really care about. We will hold Coleman and McCain accountable for the records and offer Minnesotans real change and hope for the future.”

“Last Saturday, DFLers from across Minnesota listened carefully to two superb candidates, unanimously made their choice and left the convention united and determined to win in November and defeat Norm Coleman” concluded Minnesota DFL Associate Chair Donna Cassutt. “We feel that same spirit of unity and strength here today.”

“As we go forward from here, we will fight together every day and night to make sure that this election is focused on the issues and values that Minnesotans care about: restoring middle-class prosperity and equal opportunity, ending the war in Iraq and making sure that our government works for people, not for the special interests and lobbyists with whom Norm Coleman is far too cozy.”