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Monday, June 09, 2008

Mark Drake Starts Work at Norm Coleman's Campaign with Bobblefoot

MN Publius has the scoop.

A dedicated reader of MNPublius has sent us these incriminating photos of Mark Drake at a St. Paul Saints game picking up his very own Larry Craig bobble-foot.


So on his first day on Norm Coleman’s staff I have a few questions for Mark.

1. Senator Coleman gave Larry Craig’s donations to charity, in that spirit can we trust that you were getting the bobble foot so you could donate it to Toys For Tots?

2. While Norm Coleman donated Larry Craig’s contributions, he has refused to donate the money contributed to him by DCI to the victims of the Myanmar cyclone, so would it be okay then if you got a Than Shwe bobblehead (complete with super oppressive action!)?

3. Is a fully grown married man trying to have a hot tryst in a public bathroom with another man funny? And if so can we count on this new found sense of humor in what I can only expect will be a summer long barrage of press releases about Al Franken’s past writings as a satirist?

A commenter notes:

amuseinc Jun 9th, 2008 at 3:15 pm

Senator Vitner, he of the diapers and hooker plus now the dead madame, has never been censured nor even hand slapped by the great moral GOP party you espouse Swiftee. So exactly how is it that a bunch of dusty words in a long forgotten magazine issue is worse that a dead woman two weeks ago? Sure does sound like Republicans are defending feminist ideals when not a single action was brought even after the Senator admitted to financial romances in both Washington DC and Louisiana.

Have you complained to national about this? More importantly show me where Ron or Norm or any of the other Republicans who could complain ever did? This is worse than the Foley matter that Dennis Hastert kept under wraps for years.

Save your outrage for deeds, not words.

Norm Coleman never did explain why he called for Craig's resignation but not Vitter's.

Vitter in Diapers