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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Michael Brodkorb Links to Interesting Blog Post

In a recent post, Brodkorb linked to Lambert to the Slaughter. Most of Lambert's post was critical of Team Franken for tactical errors (as it should be). Team Franken does come across as the gang that can't shoot straight. For some reason Brodkorb didn't include this pull quote:

As I said a few days ago, Franken has to turn that vast library of jokes, skits, standup routines, and even recreational drug use into an asset and ASAP. (And am I the only one annoyed with the complaint that he should have "got all this stuff out there" months ago? To date, everything that has been erpped on him by the opposition has been something he has published or recorded. It has been "out there". Whatever you might think of Franken's sophomoric sex jokes or skit ideas, it isn't like he was hiding them. It isn't like, you know, he is some high-profile politician hiding a reputation for chronic womanizing.)

I left the pull quote on his comments, with the comment - "I wonder who he is referring to". The comment was deleted.