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Thursday, June 12, 2008

NARNian Mitch Berg on Norm Coleman's Skirt Chasing

Shot in the Dark:

It’s been an open secret forever in Saint Paul and Minnesota politics; Norm and his wife have a rather unconventional marriage. Schultz is being disingenuous if he claims this is some big revelation (or, equally likely, the dim little bulb inside his thick little head hasn’t quite quite figured it out yet, and his prime directive, “blow hard first, ask questions later”, is in control).

This type of comment gets left both on the Pioneer Press and Strib websites. This one was left on the Pioneer Press website:

Talk to Erich Mische and ask about how he used to ride the Friendship Express and take Norm along for the tour. They both like Greek girls. They like them a lot.

Go here to check out the Friendship Express.