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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Norm Coleman Ad Starring Laurie Coleman

Perhaps the ad is intended to squelch rumors. It appears to be doing the opposite, since many are wondering whether Laurie Coleman and Norm Coleman were in the same room during the taping of this ad. There are a number of odd things about the ad, including the camera flashing on Laurie Coleman's wedding ring.

The Coleman campaign is a bit concerned. They've released a statement on this:

These left-wing, liberal, Al Franken bloggers are as goofy a bunch as I’ve ever seen. They’ve spent the entire morning concocting a conspiracy theory, wasting valuable bandwidth on the Internet. The Senator and his wife were both in the kitchen of their home where the commercial was filmed.” Source: Pioneer Press’s Political Animal, June 19, 2008

Calling the bloggers names (Al Franken bloggers) is an ad hominem attack. Since I was one of the bloggers who mentioned the ad (repeating observations from other sites), I was rather offended by this. If I'm such an "Al Franken blogger", then why won't Al Franken's campaign grant me an interview? Why won't Al Franken's campaign show the courtesy to respond to my emails? I think both candidates are deeply flawed.

Here's the ad. Decide for yourself.


Markh said...

please - they weren't even in the same room when this was shot.