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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Norm Coleman on the Windfall Taxes Bill

Leo Pusateri at Look True North:

I was at once relieved at the news, but a feeling of trepidation came over me as I looked at the link to the roll call of Senate votes. Expecting the worst, given Senator Norm Coleman's leanings as of late, I fully (and sadly) expected to see the name Norm Coleman once again aligned with the fever swamp democrats, voting to confiscate the "obscene profits" of the oil robber barons, thus getting even wid da man!

When I went to the site, I put my hands over my eyes, as I peered through parted fingers..afraid of what I might see. When I finally gathered the courage to risk further disappointment in our senior Republican senator, what I did see brought a smile of sweet relief to my face. Norm Coleman actually voted with the Conservatives this time to kill the bill!!!!

While this was a sweet sense of relief, at the same time I couldn't help but feel a continuing sense of frustration. If you actually have to think twice and wince every time your "Republican" Senator casts a vote on a socialist measure to confiscate profits, or to further hamper our nation's attempts toward energy independence, you necessarily have some trust issues.

It appears he was wrong.


I guess I was wrong about Norm, in a way. The article I read regarding the votes led me to the "cloture" vote, I made the same mistake as did John Hinderaker at Powerline (at least I'm in good company).

Norm did vote with the democrats when it counted on this one. Even Harry Reid had the sense to vote no on this one.

A caller to Jason Lewis's show mentioned this yesterday also. Jason Lewis said he had a hard time believing that Coleman would vote with the Democrats on this bill. This got Lewis onto a rant about RINOS taking conservatives for granted.