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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Petty Disputes Among Minnesota Republicans

MN Publius publishes an email from Joe Repya to a party activist in SD 38. According to MN Publius, the district committee formally rebuked Repya for this email. Joe Repya defends himself on his blog, the Eagle's Nest.

The Minnesota GOP attack machine has me zeroed in their sights. Having lost the chairman's race last year I have been a vocal critic of the current leadership, or lack there of, of MN GOP Chair Ron Carey. As a result, I have over the course of the last year been the target of retribution from the party.

The latest came today when (here) posted a leaked story that I had been condemned by my BPOU SD 38 for "threatening, coercive and abusive behavior." After speaking with one of the SD 38 executive board members I was informed that this action took place at a hostility [sic] called meeting May 22 and was the work of Justin Countryman and Michael Brodkorb (Ron Carey's former campaign manager and who is believed to have leaked the story). I was also told that the SD 38 executive board agreed to keep the condemnation private until the release could be made at a "more optimum time."

The bottom line is that this was a personal attack to discredit my party standing as a RNC National Delegate and as a possible future candidate for party chair in 2009. Unfortunately, they left out many important details.

Go read the linked posts for the full drama.