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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Response to My Post about Anti-Gay Senator Sam Nunn Being a Top VP Option for Barack Obama

Queers United said...
As an Obama supporter I will be very sad if he picks someone who is anti-LGBT

11:38 PM
Todd said...
He might as well chose Joe Leiberman or that other nutcase Senator from Georgia.

If it is Nunn, I will not vote for Obama.

1:39 PM
ourprez said...
I'm gay, and I think Nunn would be Obama's strongest choice for v.p. I also think he's the most likely choice.

It's fine to say Nunn was wrong on Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He was, and he was over-the-top about it. But who was right? Barbara Boxer, Barney Frank and Barry Goldwater. Everybody else was on the same page as Nunn--the Joint Chiefs, Colin Powell, even eventually President Clinton. If Clinton wanted his policy to be smoothly enacted, perhaps he could have held consultations privately and figured out how to work that. Blame Nunn all you want, but he was not the only or the major impetus behind the new, awful policy. Nearly everybody ended up unanimously for it, and it's never been repealed.

And that was fifteen years ago. If Nunn can endorse Obama, which he has, and salute and support his progressive stands on civil unions and ending Don't Ask, Don't Tell, that would have a pretty significant impact in terms of delegitimizing that policy and ending it.

I have no interest in piling on Nunn over a long-ago debate he seems willing to move forward on. If he's not willing, of course, Obama probably won't pick him. So why the grandstanding? What is to be gained by it? Will you openly oppose and campaign against every senator who voted for the compromise, or who hasn't taken an active role in repealing it? I think the visceral reaction is overriding the intellectual one in this case.

Of course, I also like Fmr. Sen. John Edwards (NC) and Gov. Tim Kaine (VA) a lot. But Nunn's my top choice, recommendation and prediction.


Interesting points, Alex. Sam Nunn wasn't just a Senator who voted for the compromise - he led the effort to torpedo the effort to allow Gays to serve openly in the military, and made a point of playing into fears and bigotry about gays in order to do so. The policy should be repealed, and it shows how little that gays get from the Democrats, that legislation supporting repeal hasn't been introduced in the Senate.

Sam Nunn is now saying it's time to rethink Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Nunn was instrumental in deep sixing President Clinton's initiative to open the military service to gays. When he held hearings about it, he stacked the hearings with anti-gay witnesses.

Pam Spaulding writes:

A spot on the ticket is never going to happen, Sam.

I'm not so sure. Obama and the Democrats believe that gays are in their pockets, so they have no need to be concerned about putting an anti-gay candidate on the ticket as VP.


Queers United said...

now nunn made a statement saying its time to look at dont ask dont tell. look at it, he should be against it. what a nut.